A Small Town That's Big on Living

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A Small Town That's Big on Living

  • 5 Reasons to Move Out of Manhattan

    For many people around the world, living in New York City is the ultimate dream come true. With exciting Broadway shows, tall skyscrapers, Times Square, and famous celebrities walking the streets, Manhattan can seem like the perfect environment to live in. However, there are several downfalls to staying in NYC for more than just a vacation. And whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the city, here are a few reasons why people are starting to move out of Manhattan.

    Going out is expensive.

    The cost of living is one of the biggest reasons why people are moving out of Manhattan. And whether you’re looking to see a movie, visit a museum, eat at a bistro, or play a round of mini-golf, NYC prices are always going to be more expensive than in other cities around the United States. In fact, it’s almost expected to fork over $8 for a coffee or $40 for brunch, as these are real-life scenarios for most Manhattan residents.

    Housing prices are just as steep.

    Another reason why people can’t afford to live in Manhattan is that rental costs have become sky-high. Unless you’re earning six figures or better each year, living comfortably in the city can be tough. The average rental of a two-bedroom Manhattan apartment is around $4,000 per month, which is the average monthly income of a U.S. citizen, and buying property in Manhattan can cost at least $1.6 million dollars!  And with prices rising year after year, it’s no wonder why NYC locals are starting to leave the city in search of less expensive housing.
    From apartment rent to Sunday brunch, everything in New York City seems to cost a small fortune. Moving to New Jersey may ease the pressure on your wallet.

    Daily life is hurried and rushed.

    In Manhattan, the city streets are constantly filled with the hustle and bustle of crowds, and the hurried atmosphere of NYC can become tiresome after awhile. This fast-paced lifestyle means that you’re always taking a subway, bus, or taxi commute everywhere that you go. And for those who are worn out by the traffic and stress of Manhattan, why not move to an area with a slower pace? Many of the neighborhoods that surround Manhattan provide a calm environment in the city without all of the noise and strain.

    The city isn’t as glamorous as you think.

    While Manhattan looks picture perfect in movies, T.V. shows, and magazines, the area isn’t as glamorous as it seems. The streets can include garbage cans that line sidewalks, animal waste on walking paths, and trash in gutters, which most shows don’t include. And with a large population of people, the air can become filled with pollution and an assortment of smells. The residents of Manhattan are also not as friendly as they appear in movies, and an NYC attitude can catch you off guard if you’re not used to it.
    Despite what the movies depict, NYC isn’t all glitz and glamour. If you want greener pastures, consider ditching city life.

    There’s no room for peace and quiet.

    Big city living means missing out on the charms of a small town. Simple things such as growing a garden, having a front yard, enjoying peaceful nights, and walking calm neighborhood streets aren’t possible while residing in Manhattan. However, if you move just outside of the city, it’s possible to live in a quiet community while still staying close to the fast NYC life that still fills your heart with excitement.

    If you’re convinced that life in Westfield or another suburb of the big city could be better, why not try it out?! This company offers cheap rates on local and interstate moving services to make your move out of Manhattan easy and cheap. How do they do it? They shop the rates of local moving companies and allow you to quickly compare prices, then book a mover.

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  • Best Places to Eat Lunch in Westfield, NJ

    The town of Westfield, NJ, is full of delicious restaurants that serve everything from classic diner food to gourmet burgers. While some of these spots are well known and frequented by locals and visitors, others are a little harder to find if you’re not familiar with the area. For a list of the perfect places to grab lunch while in the Westfield area, read our following recommendations below.

    Vicki’s Diner

    Vicki’s Diner is considered an institution in Westfield and has regular customers who visit daily for the friendly service and tasty menu. Located at 110 E. Broad Street, Vicki’s has a very welcoming and hospitable team of staff that works hard to make everyone feel at home in the restaurant. And with classic dishes such as burgers, milkshakes, and breakfast platters, this old-fashioned establishment is sure to win you over.

    Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza

    If you’re looking for yummy Italian food, look no further than Fiamma Wood Fire Pizza on 32 Main Street. This restaurant features authentic wood-fired pizzas such as Margherita and pesto pie with tons of toppings to choose from, as well as a large selection of pasta, including baked ziti and linguini meatballs for those looking for options. Lunch specials during the week include either a delicious personal sized pizza, pasta dish, specialty salad, or hot sub that is served with a small salad and a drink for just $10.


    Located at 235 Elmer Street, this cozy restaurant specializes in homestyle cooking that’s guaranteed to make you feel at home. The lunch menu features several unique options such as campfire chili, sweet potato pierogis, and poutine pork french fries, and also serves a variety of hot sandwiches, burgers, and salads as well. Lunch specials are offered on a daily basis with rotating menu items per week. And with outside picnic tables that are excellent for enjoying a little afternoon sun, Xocolatz is a great place for a lunch break.

    Butcher Burgers

    This downtown burger place is located at 39 Elm Street and is perfect for those looking for gourmet dishes. This restaurant features locally sourced ingredients and burgers that are made with lamb, turkey, and Angus or Kobe beef. They also have excellent specialty burgers such as mac-n-cheese, breakfast, and even peanut butter options! And if you’re looking for something other than a burger, Butcher’s also serves sandwiches that include a classic BLT, grilled chicken, and a grilled cheese with bacon. Along with their delicious milkshakes and desserts, which include a heavenly brownie sundae, you’re sure to satisfy any craving here at Butcher’s.

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  • NY Storage Company Shares Tips for Spring Cleaning

    The spring season is a time for renewal, especially when it comes to cleaning and organizing a home. While it may seem like a daunting task to de-clutter your entire house and spruce things up, it’s really not as hard as it looks. For a few things to help you get started, read our guide courtesy of Imperial Self Storage on how to get your home organized this spring:

    Make a Schedule

    Before you get too overwhelmed to begin the cleaning process, you should try and create a weekly or monthly organization schedule. Without one, your workload could seem impossible, and you might be tempted to procrastinate. And instead, break some of your larger cleaning tasks down into smaller chunks of time and schedule them for specific dates in the next few weeks. Try to do a little bit of work at first, to make sure that you don’t get too frustrated, and be sure to stick to the plan.

    If you find yourself short on storage space, renting a storage unit may be the best solution to declutter your home!

    If you find yourself short on storage space, renting a storage unit may be the best solution to declutter your home!

    Vacuum Packing

    Most people who organize their home simply want to free up more space. And the easiest way to accomplish that is to store household items as efficiently as possible. While there are a lot of storage methods out there, the easiest one for most people to use is vacuum packing. The process involves putting objects inside of specialty bags and then sucking out all of the air, which compresses items to the smallest possible size. Just remember only to shrink things that can survive compression without breaking. This includes clothing, towels, and bedding since they take up a lot of space and can shrink down to a fraction of their size after packing.

    Sort By Usage

    Spring cleaning can give you the opportunity to get rid of any items that you don’t use regularly. Be sure to go through all of the belongings each room of your home and sort them based on when you last used them. Then, make a separate pile for the ones that you can’t remember using and another for the ones that you use infrequently. Afterward, you can choose to either donate, sell, or throw away your unwanted items to clear up more space around your home.

    Now’s the perfect time to pare down the clutter in those overstuffed closets and drawers!

    Now’s the perfect time to pare down the clutter in those overstuffed closets and drawers!

    Organize Cables

    Living in a digital world means that most homes are filled with cables for computers, televisions, and other electronic devices. And since it’s easy for wires to become a tangled mess, which is a problem for both the quality of the cables and the family members who trip on them, take a few minutes to get your cables organized. It can save you a lot of money on replacements and make your devices easier to use it the future.

    Deal with Documents

    Most homeowners deal with junk mail that gets delivered to the house every week. And if you’re like most people, you probably tend to let it pile up for months on end. To avoid this, try sorting through your mail and getting all documents in their correct place. If you have a stack of sensitive paperwork that needs to be thrown out, be sure to shred each piece before tossing into the trash.

    Find Alternative Storage

    If you find yourself struggling to contain your overstuffed closets and drawers, Imperial Self Storage suggests renting a temporary storage unit until you have time to think through what to toss and what to keep. You may decide to keep a storage space long term for items that are seasonal (i.e. Christmas decorations and clothing), documents you need to keep, or family heirlooms you want to hang onto. Check out this list of 10 things to put in storage today!

    With a little elbow grease, you can have your house decluttered and looking great for spring. Nothing says a fresh start more than a clutter-free, organized, and clean home!

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  • Things to Know About Living in Westfield

    The small town of Westfield, New Jersey is attracting more and more residents from the Big Apple. With safe, family-friendly suburbs, a charming downtown district, and great commute options into neighboring cities, it’s an excellent home for first-time homebuyers and families of all ages. And if you’re thinking of moving into the Westfield area, here are a few things that you should know.

    Real Estate

    Westfield offers easy access to New York City without the high cost of living and has an average home price of around $717,400. And while the city offers everything from mansions to condominiums to duplexes, there are plenty of options for a simple two story house with spacious front and back yard. A quick search on the popular real estate site Zillow even shows 193 homes for sale in Westfield at this very moment.

    Commute Times

    If you work in NYC, Westfield has many different options for commuters. Taking the train from the Westfield train station to Manhattan only takes an hour through New Jersey Transit, with one transfer needed at Newark, and you can sign up for parking at the station lot as well. You can also drive from Westfield to midtown Manhattan by taking the I-95 N or I-78 E, which only takes a half an hour, depending on traffic conditions.


    Several Westfield public schools have earned high ratings in the state and are even ranked 12th out of 242 districts in the 2017’s Districts with the Best Teachers in New Jersey. The best K-8 schools include Edison Intermediate School, Franklin Elementary School, Washington Elementary School, and Roosevelt Intermediate School, which are all easy to access no matter where you live in the city. Westfield’s high schools also boast a 97% graduation rate with many students getting accepted into the prestigious Rutgers University after they graduate.


    Many residents living in Westfield are considered ‘urban sophisticates’ and include educated business executives, young professionals, and those who enjoy culture, travel, and family values. And with a large demographic of locals who care about their family life, community environment, and the welfare of others, the majority of Westfield neighborhoods are quiet and safe spaces. Some of the more popular neighborhoods include Wychwood, Manor Park, The Gardens, Kimball Avenue Historic District, and Country Club Estates, with each area a short drive away that allows for close-knit communities.


    Downtown Westfield is a shopping mecca for locals and has many antique stores, art galleries, boutiques, and upscale retailers. You’ll also find plenty of fine dining options, little Italian bakeries, and coffee shops in the downtown area as well. Westfield is home to several different parks, including Tamaques Park, and are perfect for running, biking, afternoon picnics, and mingling with the local community. And for those of you who enjoy neighborhood gatherings, Westfield features annual events including its Spring Fling and Jazz Festival.

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